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5 Tips for Writing Web Copy

Here are the top 5 ways you can get more people to read your website:

  1. Use bulleted or numbered lists to summarize content
  2. Highlight words by using bold and italics to draw attention to key information
  3. Write meaningful subheadings
  4. Only present one idea per paragraph
  5. Put the most important information first

Why is it this way?  Well, the reality may surprise you.

People simply don't read on the internet.

They scan. Rather than carefully reading whatever is on the screen slowly and carefully, your visitors' eyes are darting around looking for their information right away.  Computer screens have conditioned us to find the information that we're looking for and not much else.  Simply put, writing for the internet is very different from writing for print.  With print, the reader can turn and hold the material while readers on the computer can only scroll and drag content around through a virtual interface.

For more information about this topic, I recommend reading Web Copy That Sells

Tyler Small - Wednesday, November 23, 2011

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